Scooter story's


Oh Shit!

Back in December of 87 (Pre-California helmet law) I got in a fluke scooter accident.

A few of my friends and I were cruising to a back yard party, we were on scoots and a convertible VW. I had installed a Radio in my glove box and was blaring the Buzzcocks (Oh Shit, of all songs), anyway we got to the party and I started to make a left turn into the driveway, when all of the sudden a high beam came on out of no where. My last words......OH SHIT!

now in Sllllllloooooooooooowwwww Motioooooooooooon

I do a cart wheel in the air flying towards incoming traffic. My buddy Sean had weaved around the accident and my bro who was riding on the back of my scoot almost lands in the back of the convertible.

The guy who hit me goes flying in the air and hits his head on the curb. He then gets up and starts walking towards me, takes off his helmet and passes out.

I landed in the street. The right handle had slammed into my femur and broke it into 3 pieces. I tried to get up but I was teeter tottering my back on my leg. I watched my 84 P (the last of NOS scoots sold in California) scrape across the concrete for about 150 feet. My right foot ended up under my left ass cheek around my back.

Bobby broke his fibula and tibula.

Anyway, all said and done, I ended up with a bar that went down the middle of my femur and 3 pins. One in my hip and 2 just above my knee.


Bobby ended up with like 16 pins in his leg

The guy who hit me ended up with an arrest and a deportation.
The guy on the Ninja apparently had taken the motorcycle from a family member with out permission, had no drivers license or insurance. He was on a Ninja motorcycle with a burnt out low beam driving 80 MPH on a residential street. I didn't hear him because of the radio and didn't see him until he turned on the high beams.

Anyway, I was told by the doctors that I might not be able to walk again. I said bull shit and by January I attempted to walk with a cane. After 5 months, I was able to walk.

About a month after I got in an accident I was riding on the back of the scoot and within a year or so I bought another P.

Now I'm working on restoring the P. Click here for the current status of my P

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